Yellow Creek is a placid limestone stream that wanders lazily through the meadows of Waterside and Loysburg after being bolstered by the waters of Potter Creek and before flowing through the Loysburg Gap, a natural water gap in Tussey Mountain. Yellow Creek continues on to join the Raystown Branch of the Juniata at Hopewell and then into the beautiful Juniata itself, which is a main tributary of the Susquehanna River. My father, along with his brothers and sisters, grew up on a farm along the banks of Yellow Creek in Waterside, Pennsylvania.

The Ash Tree is a sturdy and deep-rooted tree that has been called “The World Tree” by the Vikings and “Tree of Life” by other cultures. Celtic traditions held that it was a protector and provider, some holding that its towering height and deep roots was a connection between heaven and earth. This symbolism seems well suited to my being and my roots back to Bedford County in Pennsylvania and the meadows of Yellow Creek.


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